Marketing Automation

The graphic sector has traditionally been an industry where the graphic product is central and the technical expertise plays an important role. The graphic product is versatile: books, magazines, brochures, business cards, greeting cards, printed packaging, screen printing products, labels, graphic design, etc. The digitization (internet, mobile internet, Apps) has, over the years, do a lot of printing products disappear or decrease in volume. Many graphics businesses have been forced to cease their operations as a result, tens of thousands of people lost their jobs in a relatively short time.

Printing companies that have adapted to changes in time, prove to survive. Particularly through innovation of products and services, possibly in cooperation with other (ICT and Design) professionals. These companies are looking for solutions that appeal to customers because value is added. Sometimes is a flyer or poster enough for a client, but today this is mostly no longer enough. Customers want  to communicate at all fields with their target groups. That means they do not just want a website. Customers increasingly want: blog, Facebook page, actively Twittering, its own App, a video on YouTube, "something" with Pinterest, a presentation in Prezi, present on Linkedin and of course a high ranking on Google.

Here are the graphics media businesses opportunities, because it can add to the traditional printed products. Value Cross-media solutions such as a brochure, combined with a website and a Facebook page, makes printing company an interesting communication partner.

In addition to these new opportunities of marketing tools, is also investigating the effects of marketing efforts for clients a chance. In particular, the investigation following the online marketing tools such as social media, email marketing can offer added value, as well as research into offline marketing resources can be important. There are a lot of online research tools on the market, which Google Analytics is the best known. Not everyone can get along with these tools. However, not everyone knows what the best marketing instrument is for a particular situation. Printing companies can offer solutions here.

An important innovative step printing companies can make is to inform their clients and advise them on the many online marketing techniques, and supporting them with tools for both offline and online and to monitor the results marketing campaigns and analyse them. Customers have a great need for information on the results of their marketing efforts, while this is often not provided. "How many people have seen / read that email action? What has been the effect of a message on my Facebook page? Who has read my Tweet?”

Basically, printing companies could provide these services, as an important added value indicating Marketing Automation "to offer besides producing communication”.


The aim of the study is to investigate:

  • what marketing automation services there are and what the experiences are within different industries; 
  • develop the opportunities for print providers to offer services Marketing Automation
  • what is required to include such services in the products and services of printing companies? 
  • which useful marketing automation tools already exist, what are their characteristics, what value they appear to have in practice and what problems occur working with marketing automation?
  • what is needed to adapt the tools to the needs of printing companies so that they can help customers better?

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