Lean manufacturing and marketing

There is a gap between skills in the labor market and needs of graphic media SMEs. It’s not about technical knowledge but about efficiency of production. For employees in SMEs there’s little knowledge available in part-time VET institutes and there are few possibilities for this, as the demands that companies are facing are new. Production must be increasingly effective and has to fit the needs of the customer. Developments are moving fast, it is difficult to remain connected to the changes. This is reflected in a study of the European social partners in graphic media in Europe, published by Intergraf, representing 23 national printing federations in 20 European countries. 

Aims and objectives

  • Improving LEAN manufacturing & marketing skills of management and/or employees in graphic media SMEs;
  • Improving the competitive position of SMEs by more effective and efficient production;
  • Make a translation of aspects that have impact on culture in countries in general and on culture of companies in those countries;
  • Improve the level of entrepreneurship so companies can better compete with other suppliers outside the industry or Europe.
  • Dissemination of project results through employers’ associations and EGIN network in the languages of partners and offering trainings to other European countries.
  • Gained knowledge must be deployed to the market. Companies are good at relationships, but less at marketing. To sell the additional capacity and better connect to changing needs of clients, they should invest on marketing;
  • Development of courses to upskill employers’ knowledge, to remain connected to the demand of competences in SMEs and to offer new entrants these skills in (PT) VET, to be better prepared to demands of SMEs.

Target group(s)

  • Employees;
  • VET-institutes;
  • Companies in the graphic media Industry.

Why Europe

Improved economic position for the companies in the graphic media Industry on national and European level. Mobility cross border for employees in graphic media will become easier. Development of a network between the project partners which will allow the exchange of experiences and spreading of knowledge, also including the EGIN network. Trainings to educate the management and employees (part-time) in LEAN manufacturing and LEAN marketing and sales will be tuned in the countries to be mutually supporting.

Expected impact

The required attitude and competences will change. The requested skills will be reachable by taking part in the course-activities on Lean Manufacturing. There will be new knowledge so that the cooperation with customers and other suppliers of communication channels (cross media) will be improved. The knowledge gap in this field for employees can be filled by training in regular part-time education or in-service training. The management and employees will be more effective in selling and in reaching the needs and expectations of the customers. There will be more focus on performance and communication improvements.


The participating organizations are:

  • GA, the Danish employers' organization for the print media industry
  • Cubion, a Danish consulting firm
  • Fundació Industries Gràfiques de Catalunya, the school for print and multimedia in Barcelona, Spain
  • Dienstencentrum, a Dutch consulting firm
  • Innowise a German research & consultancy company,
  • The Greek Open University-EAP,
  • Stivako, the Dutch institute for entrepreneurial education, management and marketing.

Stivako is project coordinator. 

More information you can find on the project website: www.leangraphicmedia.com