Lean Grafic media

The Lean Graphic media project aims to develop a new and innovative business model for graphic companies in order to meet the high demands of customers in quality, quick turnaround and low prices. The LEAN principle offers an excellent base. It is a comprehensive business philosophy that focuses on the entire value in companies with the result: optimizing both production and sales processes.


The world of graphic media is changing. There is more foreign and cheaper competition and digitization puts a lot of pressure on ‘the printed word’.

The industry needs to innovate while she is under great pressure and has deals increasingly with demanding customers who expect shorter delivery times. Individual entrepreneurs are faced with difficult strategic decisions. A completely new and innovative production model seems necessary for print providers to be able to cope in new situations.
Ten SMEs from the printing industry and the University of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN) have developed a new and innovative business model with the aim of dealing with these challenges.


The main questions are:

  • How can SMEs in the printing industry improve their innovation strategy to improve and make their company future-proof?
  • How can the insights from LEAN be used to generate new business concepts and process design?

The LEAN methodology focuses on process management. The entire value stream in companies is analysed. Thus be optimized. Both production preparation and sales processes. Each participating company is a sub-project started under the guidance of teachers and lecturer of the HAN and advisors of the Dienstencentrum. 

The first phase of this project is aimed to map the problems of the industry. Based on this map an implementation model for LEAN will be developed for application within the MAE industry (Media, Advertising and Entertainment).

Intended results

We want to achieve the following results.

  • To support the participating companies in the development of strategic marketing and innovation, so the companies are able to respond better in a market with changing customer demands.
  • We want to streamline the production of these companies so the number of failure moments decreases, the production time will be shorten and the response to the wide variety of customer demands better.
  • To the industry and for education comes a lot of knowledge available in the field of process improvement and strategic marketing. Actions based on strategic choices will lead to better results. Companies can encourage each other, making the industry as a whole better.