Innovation and Sustainability (Green'ability) 

This project will challenge the environmental problems existing within hair and beauty and the media graphic trades at technical colleges and related enterprises. These problems are often due to use of chemicals, which cause severe health hazards like eczema, allergies, and breathing problems to the employees in these trades. The dangers of these pressures are long-term illnesses or leaving the trades.  

The aim of this project is to find innovative ways of communicating the ideas of sustainability and to suggest new green enterprises within the mentioned trades. 

In this project, we will expose the sustainable ideas through education and training with innovative ideas within the creative industries. The educational products we want to generate during the process will be: a list of problems and possible solutions concerning the mentioned environmental problems, seminars on sustainability and innovation in the mentioned trades, an expanded blog for communication, a fashion magazine with sustainable ideas, a website, a tool kit for  green enterprises in hair and beauty, an eco -show, brochures, leaflets and articles and a final exploratorium and exhibition about the entire results. 

By informing students, teachers and decision makers, our aim is to be step stones towards more sustainability. Technical colleges are in close contacts with the enterprises in the local society and can be door openers to changes in the industries. Therefore, seminars will be held with students, employees and employers from partner countries. Several classes with students and teachers will be actively engaged in the tasks in each country.  By this project we want to show Europe the necessity of going sustainable in these trades, in an eye-catching way.

More information you can find on the project-blog, the  youtube-kanaal or the website  of the project.