Entrepreneurship and management

A long time ago Darwin already pointed out: only those who continuously improve can survive. The laws of Darwin are also valid for the print media sector. Therefore, entrepreneurs in the print industry are always looking for ways to improve the company and its processes. Excellent business requires an adequate organization.

A good balance between people, resources and processes is important for better organizing your company. Are your corporate objectives known and clear by everyone? Are your people equipped to do their job? And are they motivated? Does everybody knows the agreements you made, so you and your staff can act quickly and efficiently?

Where do we support?

In the area of ​​'entrepreneurship' the Dienstencentrum can support your business in various ways.

  • Sales and Marketing: we support companies who want to embed sales and marketing in the organization. We do this through research, consultancy and training.
  • Management: through coaching we support you how to use your talents and strengths in de most effective way.
  • CSR:  we can help you to plan the route to the year we all need to take social responsibility: 2020.
  • Develop your strategic vision: our business consultant will help you developing a long-term vision and will help you to improve the internal organization using different tools.
  • Core Strategy Advice: for smaller companies we have developed Core Strategy Advice. This is a short program of customized support for companies who want to improve their strategy.
  • Financial advice: together with you we calculate an order costs and what it offers you. In addition, we will give you clear insight into your business structure, your cost structure and the strengths and weaknesses of your business.
  • Company scanning: your business has grown. You might see unnecessary habits not anymore. A fresh approach may be useful in such case.

What can you expect?

Our advice is concrete, practical, personal and customized for your business. In a personal interview we will ask for your wishes. After this interview you will receive a detailed proposal which includes: what we will do in your company, the way we will do it and it will specify the costs.

 More information?

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