Welcome to the Dienstencentrum. 

The mission of the Dienstencentrum

The Dienstencentrum (Servicecenter in English) is an independent and professional consultancy agency for companies within the communication sector. Our approach is personal and pragmatic. Together with the high quality service and tailor-made products our services will guarantee optimal support for you as an entrepreneur and commercial growth of your company.

Our vision

Like many other sectors, the communication sector will be exposed to changes in the coming years.

Upscaling and innovations will provide drastic changes in the production process. This will also affect the way entrepreneurs must cope with their competitors. Also stricter requirements for in Environmental and Health & Safety legislation will put entrepreneurs under pressure. And finally, customers will require more for the same price. 

All these developments lead to increased dynamics and complexity in business communication and will introduce even more challenges. The experience and knowledge of our specialists gathered in the Dienstencentrum offers answers to your questions. We can provide you with tailor made advice and good implementation.

Company ambassador Oxfam Novib

The Dienstencentrum is company ambassador of Oxfam Novib. We think it is a very good initiative that people get the opportunity to set up their own business and we encourage entrepreneurship.       

Partner CSR The Netherlands

Entrepreneurs with a CSR ambition are partner of CSR Netherlands. Likewise, the Dienstencentrum. As a partner of CSR Netherlands we belong to a selective but growing network of sustainable businesses. 

The Dienstencentrum and SCGM (certification body) in the print media industry are partners that make the translation of CSR and the ISO 26000-standard for the printing companies by providing advice and certification.

Group-certification of the Dienstencentrum

The Dienstencentrum is certified as a group manager. Especially for businesses with up to 15 or 25 persons employed. The advisor of the Dienstencentrum is also the group manager that the company will review on the basis of the applicable standard. Remco Glashouwer is group manager and controls the activities on group certification of the Dienstencentrum. 

  • FSC: SKH-CoC-000292
  • ISO 9001 Quality: SCGM-KMS: 2013.01.03
  • ISO 14001 Environment: SCGM-MMS: 05/01/2013
  • Health and Safety RI & E: SCGM-RIE: 01/05/2013
  • Sustainable Procurement: SCGM-CDI: 2013.01.04